The Story Behind The Center Of Harmony

The 1875 Opera Hall, adjoining house and surrounding property was first purchased in October 2011, after sitting vacant for almost a decade.

 Shortly after that on January 14, 2012, initial renovations were completed and the Opera Hall and  first three shops opened.  

Since then, the Center of Harmony has launched over 30 small businesses, the vast majority being women owned businesses.   This is a place for the young entrepreneur and dreamer to get started in business.

Changes at The Center

On December 29th, 2022, the business was sold to a local couple.    The new owners are continuing the Center in the spirit it was created.  There are no immediate changes to the businesses or Opera Hall Rentals.

The Mission Statement

The Mission Statement was drafted within the first two weeks and has been the guiding principles ever since.  All decisions, large and small, have been held up to those ideas.  From choosing a garage company to considering tenants, The Center of Harmony holds to it’s convictions and passions.

The Center of Harmony is a group of collaborating businesses and an event venue housed in an old opera house and the surrounding buildings. The Center is focused on preserving the environment, strengthening the community and empowering people to live healthy, happy lives. It actively engages in the promotion of music, the arts, education and a better community for all. This is a place where positive, forward-thinking, dynamic people come together to thrive and grow.

Josh Meeder


Born and raised in the area, Josh and his roots run deep. During high school, Josh worked for Harmony Borough’s road crew and the water plant. One summer, he painted all of the curbs in town.  His parents operated an insurance agency and furniture store in Harmony too.  

Josh is an avid outdoorsman, traveler, artist and craftsman.   He is active in the community and advocates for the growth and preservation of the area and its natural resources, especially the watersheds. 

Josh is a a former Vice President of the Harmony Business Association, member of the Board of Directors for Venture Outdoors, and Chairman of the Preserving Harmony Committee under Historic Harmony, Inc.

He offers a variety of business consulting, marketing, video and photography services through his company Great Things LLC.  Learn more about Great Things LLC below.

Great Things LLC

What makes it all possible.

The Center of Harmony is owned and operated by Great Things LLC. It was formed in April 2009 by Josh Meeder.  There are two main aspects to the business, Business & Marketing Consulting and Real Estate Investing.

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