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In case you missed them,  here are a a few samples from some of the artist that have performed at the Center.   Nationally known and rising artists are coming through your back yard.  Make sure to check our out Events Page for the latest information and to buy tickets.

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Hear what the bands have to say about playing the Center of Harmony


Jeff Campbell     Had an amazing experience at Center of Harmony. Great room, very inspirational. Great sound, wonderfully attentive audience (a mix of my own fans and loyal supporters of the Center and the concert series itself) and awesome, professional mgmt. A must-have stop on any Pitt area or PA tour.

Megan Slankard    The Center of Harmony is a gorgeous little room in Harmony, PA. With such an intimate and inspiring space, it would be near impossible not to have a magical experience for artist and audience member alike. I had absolutely wonderful experience, from the booking process to packing up after the show. What a beautiful place to play.

Science!        This is a must stop listening room if you’re a singer/songwriter touring anywhere near the Pittsburgh area. Unbelievable people, support and community. The COH truly understands what it means to tour independently and makes great nights for any quality act. Easily one of the best venues we’ve ever played…maybe THE best.

Broken Fences    We had a great experience playing at the Center of Harmony! Awesome old building, great sound, great host, and attentive audience. Would love to do it again!

Sebastien Rassinoux    Great experience at the COH. They will welcome you very warmly ! Crowd is very attentive, they will buy merch and you will meet some great folks ! They promote the show and will make the best out of it every time. A must stop !

Noble Hunter     We love COH. The crowd was amazing. Merch was sold. It was an awesome experience and an awesome room to play.

Guest     We recently played at COH and had a really cool time. The room is beautiful, and the crowd is completely attentive and quiet. It was really refreshing to play to such an attentive audience. We did pretty great with merch, too. Definitely a spot we’d love to play again.

Drew Schofield      Just played a gig at The Center of Harmony in June 2013 and had a blast! The crowd was attentive and enthusiastic. I probably had the best merch sales of my entire tour here. Allie, the booking agent is meticulous and organized.

LCR     Had a great time…Nice turnout, friendly people..really cool little town on the outskirts of Pittsburgh…The promoter was on top of things. Had fans as well as supporters of the Center. It is my understanding they have purchased an in-house sound system. Highly recommend making a stop!