There is ample parking for shoppers and visitors at the Center of Harmony.  However, for large seminars, events, or gatherings, parking may fill up quickly.   Please use the map below to find additional parking.   Remember this is a residential, small town.  Use common sense and courtesy when parking.   **When possible, Carpool!  The earth will thank you.**

Center of Harmony Parking

The Center of Harmony’s main lot will hold approximately 18 cars.  Also, The Center of Harmony’s back lot is available. This begins at the edge of the greenhouse and extends along the length of the building. *** The three spot to the left of the greenhouse are private resident parking, please don’t block. Also the garage behind the Center is private, do not block either end of it.

The Center of Harmony’s back field. There is ample parking for vehicles in the back grass lot. You may park anywhere between the signs posted at either end.

If our parking lot is full, please try to use the public and street parking first. The other local businesses need their parking and we try to be good neighbors.

Public Lots

  • Behind the “Weaver’s Cabin” – Just west of the Center of Harmony’s back lots on Aster Lane, there are approximately 20 spaces behind the Historic Weaver’s log cabin.
  • Spring Street Public Lot, just across the tracks and across from Harmony Borough’s maintenance building, there are over 40 spaces available. This is a short 1/2 block walk to the Center.
  • The Municipal building at the top of Mercer Street has parking available.
  • The New Visitor’s Log Cabin Kiosk Lot. Located on Main street just south of the Square. Large, open gravel lot.

Private Lots

  • There is parking available directly across the street beside the Velvet Salon and Harmony Emporium. This is their private lot. Our guests are permitted to use them whenever those businesses are closed. Typically after 8PM on weeknights.
  • ** DO NOT PARK in the “SMALL PARTS MACHINE” Parking lot adjacent to the Center.   They have posted their lot and will call the police for trespassing charges and have you towed.   It’s ridiculous, but it’s happened already.
  • Dambach Lumber Lot, Available after 5PM weekdays and Noon on Saturdays.


Parking Lot map