Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019

Happy Earth Day 2019. Earth Day has always been a special day at the Center. It was the first major public event and The Center has always steadfastly supported environmental […]

Spring Time Gardening Tips

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It’s that time of year again. Time to dream of the possibilities of fresh vegetables, fruit and foliage. Too often our gardening results fail to come close to our expectations. […]

Spring Pallet Garden Ideas

It’s that time of year again.   Time to get seeds in the ground.  I am often reminded about the parable of the farmer and how much it applies to […]


Hello Residents of Harmony Boro, Jackson Twp, Evans City, Zelienople, surrounding communities and friends, There is an IMMINENT threat facing us. Don Rodgers, Cranberry Creative Real Estate, has applied for […]

Healthy Alternatives for Holiday Meals

Enjoy! Share! and post your favorite recipes to our Facebook page. Glazed Sweet Potatoes      Vegetarian Cornbread Stuffing    Vegan Pumkpin Cheesecake   Apple-Shallot Turkey   Glazed Sweet Potatoes […]

Green Tips! Homemade Beauty

Green Tips, Homemade beauty

  Cosmeos ” A mythical Greek goddess whose name meant harmony and balance, Cosmeos gave to mortals the gifts of herbs, flowers and other simple pleasures to nourish the body and […]

Green Tips: Composting!

Compost can range from passive – allowing the materials to sit and rot on their own – to highly managed. Whenever you intervene in the process, you’re managing the compost. […]

Green Tip: for the Holidays

Wrapping Paper DIY-Style Most mass-produced wrapping paper you find in stores is not recyclable.  if it is shiny or waxing looking, it probably will be thrown into the trash and […]

Green Tip: fruitfly warfare

Many of you are organic and healthy food people like me.   Sometime, with either organic or conventional growth produce, you get fruitfly.  Once they have invaded, they can be […]

Green Tips! Green Office.

1. Recycle your cell phone. According to recent studies, about 128 million Americans who have cell phones upgrade every 18 months. Most recycling programs (including eloop at The Center…and it’s […]

Green Tips! Farm and Food

1. Be a vegetarian 1 day a week. Beside all of the health benefits of eating a plant based diet, it requires a lot less energy and water than a […]