Danyelle Sharps and Loredana Yenick of The Center of Harmony

New Week Night Class Offering in 2022

Expanding into 2022!

We are excited to announce additions to our weekday class schedule coming in January. Yoga with Nancy will remain Tuesdays at 6pm, along with Yoga with Alison Wednesdays at 6pm.

We’re happy to welcome to the center family:


*First Monday of each month~ Wellness Workshop with Holistic Wellness Practitioner Danyelle Sharps 7:30pm. An hour of education & experience of varied healthy living tools from meditation and breath work…aromatherapy…nutritional practices…all the way into Chinese medicine! Each workshop theme will be posted previous week, attendance pricing will vary based on supplies required.
*Third Monday of every month, Women’s Circle with Cassie Levdansky. Safe supportive space for women to open & grow, restore & renew. Donation based.
*Fourth Monday of each month 7:30pm, Senses & Sound with Reiki practitioner Loredana Yenick and essential oil specialist Danyelle Sharps. Between sound bowels and varied aromatherapy, you will be wisked away into a state of bliss and balance. Each session will focus on a certain chakra, and include reflexology touch with correlated oil. $35 per attendee.


Yoga with Nancy continue on Tuesdays at 6pm,


Yoga with Alison continue  on Wednesdays at 6pm. 


*Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, Essential Oil Education 7pm with Chris Roe, “The Get Up, Oil Up, Never Give Up Mama”. Leader of the Butler County Bereaved Parents of the USA and a certified d?TERRA Essential Oil Specialist . She offers essential oil classes on a variety of topics including: sleep, anxiety, PTSD, emotional aromatherapy, cleaning, pets, immune system support, kids, ADHD, and so much more. $5 per attendee.