Frank McKinney is coming to town! 6/28. The Make It BIG Event.

Make it BIG Event –The Anti-Seminar coming to Pittsburgh June 28 at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel, 300 W. Station Square Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15219.   Download and Share the Make It Big Flyer and invitation here!

This is something you can’t miss, something that will change you and help make the world a better place.   Announcing the Make it BIG Event:   Dana and I truly hope to see you there.   This is something that will truly change your perspective if not life.

Wealth Building through Real Estate & Overcoming the Fear of Risk

Over 2,000 TV appearances and print articles later (including Oprah & 20/20), and after creating and selling over $400 million in speculative real estate, Frank McKinney has decided to personally host his VERY FIRST (and probably last) event of this kind in the cities referenced above (more cities to come). That’s right, an event given by Frank McKinney himself (no “certified” or substitute teachers).

Actually, Frank puts it this way…

“The Make it BIG event is more of an experience. Motivation washes off in the shower, inspiration fades like the effects of a sunburn, but aspiration can alter your DNA and forever change your life and the lives of those you love.

The Make it BIG event will help you learn what legacy you aspire to leave, and be able to do so by building a nice net worth through investing in real estate and overcoming those fears that might be getting in your way.

The immediately actionable curriculum I have developed and will personally deliver at the”Make it BIG event is unlike any other.”

Proceeds Benefit The Caring House Project

Frank’s greatest accomplishment might be found in his “Philanthro-Capitalistic” work in the poorest country in the world, that being Haiti. Frank’s Caring House Project Foundation, www.chpf.orghas built 21 self-sufficient villages in Haiti in the last 11 years. By the end of this year CHPF will have provided housing and a self-sufficient existence to over 10,000 desperately poor and homeless children and their families – all at NO COST to those blessed to receive such hope!

As Frank is a friend,  he has extended a private invitation to a tele seminar.   Here is the information

“On Tuesday, June 24 at 7:00pm EST (6CST, 5MST, 4PST) Frank McKinney will host the 3rd in a series of free teleseminars where he’ll share quite a bit of the content that he will present at his Make it BIG Event – The Anti-Seminar, http://www.MakeItBigEvent.com.

The 6/24 teleseminar will focus on: Aspiration, Fear, Becoming an “Executioner,” Earning your PHD in “Paradoxicology,” How to Buy Right, How to plan your projects with Time/Budget/Quality, the Grade School Compass Approach to Marketing, Touching the 5 Senses, How to Close the Deal, and Sharing Your Blessings (Luke 12:48). 10 BIG LESSONS.

To listen to the Tuesday, 6/24 call, dial 425.440.5100, enter PIN:577426#. You’ll be able to ask questions during the call. If you prefer to attend online: http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=56642763. You can also email questions to [email protected], tweet him @frankmckinney or message him on FB. Don’t wait, put it in your calendar now.”