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ABK Music Management, A Partnership for great music

The Center of Harmony is proud to announce the newest partnership with another fantastic local company,  ABK Music Management.   Allie Koch, owner of ABK Music Management, recently transferred into the area.   We met her through Dana’s Yoga classes and has been an enthusiastic support of the Center and great musical acts.   Allie asked if we would like to hold some concerts in the Opera Hall.   She quickly organized and secured an appearance by Megan Slankard.   Recently, she brought Jeff Campbell in to Town, 2013 Winner of Guitar Center’s Sing Songwriter competition.

The good news is that she is at it again.     ABK has gotten to up-and-coming, national artists booked for May and June.     Shannon LaBrie is booked for May 17th, 2013 and Drew Schofield for June 15th, 2013    Discounted, pre-sale tickets are available online now.  Act fast, you don’t want to miss these shows.

So please join us in welcoming ABK Music Management !