Unbelievable! The Connoquenessing Clean Up results are in!

A Letter from Allegheny Aquatic Alliance
[email protected]

October 16, 2012

Thank you for your support and help with our first cleanup of Connoquenessing Creek. The first time I went kayaking down this creek, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have never seen a waterway that was consumed with so much garbage! It was that day that I realized action needed to be taken. Only one year later, our community was able to achieve that action. The massive amount of garbage that we removed together is astounding! In just 6 hours, we were able to remove 578 tires out of this precious waterway. Out of the tire total, 489 were standard vehicle tires, 63 were semi-truck tires, 22 were rimmed tires, 3 were skid loader tires, and 1 tractor tire. We removed 12,260 pounds of garbage and 16,613 pounds of recyclable scrap metal. Our grand total weight of all removed pollution was 54,873 pounds! These numbers show that when a community comes together, we can accomplish anything. I am so proud of our results and never imagined we would be so successful our first time. With each year, our efforts will bring us closer to restoring this natural resource back to its beautiful, healthy state. A goal that is worth working hard for! Again, thank you for your time, energy, and support. WE ALL DID A GREAT THING and we should each take a moment to really recognize our success; for our water, our community, and ourselves.
In addition, I am still inviting and encouraging any monetary donations. The success of this cleanup required more money than our organization was able to raise, therefore, I have had to pay for some expenses out of personal funds. Any donations would really help and assure the future success of the Connoquenessing Creek Cleanup Project.
Sincere Thanks,
Christina Handley, President of Allegheny Aquatic Alliance