Over for 4 Tons of e-Waste Recycled! 8050 lbs and counting…..

We are so proud to announce that we have just exceeded 4 tons of electronic waste collected and responsibly recycled.    While the partnership with eLoop LLC has only been around since April of 2012, the roots of this relationship go back several years.    Let me provide a little back ground story for your amusement.   It is a a tale of how a perceived, unwelcome change can blossom into something unique and special.

The story starts in 2007.   I was a rising star at a company I worked for.  As Director of Client services for a design and merchandising manufacturer, I enjoyed what I did.   No day was ever the same or boring.   The people I worked with were top notch, dynamic  and creative talents.  The customers were recognized throughout the planet.   There was client interactions and travel.  It was a good gig.

The leaders recognized my talents and accomplishments.  If there was a problem, I was often called in to make it right or put processes in place to prevent it.   Then it happened.   The executive team asked me to move away from the design, development and client side.   They wanted me to work on the internal manufacturing side.   Talk about changing everything you enjoy about your job.   The gentleman I was to now report to was new to the company.  He had a reputation for being a hard-nosed,  lean manufacturing force.   His name was Ned Eldridge.  I thought this was really the end of my upward career path.   Gone to rot in the tall metal inventory racks.

Well, I came to understand, respect and enjoy working with Ned.  What was rumored to be a hard management approach was just a very keen business sense that was oriented to results.  Ned’s humor and straight forward approach to people made him a pleasure to work with, even if we disagreed on how to tackle a problem.  We worked very well together for a few years.    Unfortunately the economy, lay offs and shortsighted management decisions (at least from my point of view), pushed us in different directions.   Ned went off and formed eLoop.  I bounced around doing freelance work and business consulting.    That was 2009.

Ned and I kept in touch sporadically through the years.  When Dana and I bought the Center, I felt that eLoop would be a great fit.   After a few phone calls with Ned, we meet for lunch at the Harmony Inn.   We shook hands and our partnership with eLoop was formed.

Life Lesson:  You really don’t (and can’t) know what the universe has in store for you.   You just have to be present, friendly and build relationships with good people around you.

A special thanks goes out to my friend Ned and all the great folks at eLoop LLC.   Thank you for all you do and the fantastic support and service you provide!