The 1st Tai Chi course ends and new ones begin.

Graduates of the first Tai Chi Class by Eric Mason

Well, we have completed the first 8-week tai chi course offered by SuMa Integrative Medicine & Medical Acupuncture and Eric Mason.   The 8 weeks flew by for the 13 of us that signed up.   It was a great introduction and experience.  The thing that made the class particularly appealing to me was the focus on the foundation of the practice.  The translation and analogy between the physical movements, mental focus and esoteric ideals that can be used in daily life.   Each of us had unique experiences from the workshop.   Being mindful of thoughts and body was at the core of those experiences.

Eric’s teaching style, gentle smile and encouraging attitude put everyone at ease and allowed for new friendships to be established.  He passion for sharing his knowledge and establishing proper foundations of the practice were fantastic.   We didn’t jump right into to doing fancy and flowing dances.   Rather we started with standing, being still, focusing our thoughts and intentions, releasing negativity and self defeating energies.   While this may sound a little “out there” to some, I can tell you personally that the experience was profound and very real.

Starting May 16th, new classes will begin.  One of the classes will be a continuation of where we left off and the other will be a new introduction course, like the one we just completed.

If you are interested in signing, please contact SuMa Integrative Medicine and  Medical Acupuncture at 724-452-5200